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Glottertal in the Black Forest

Glottertal is located between the Rhine valley and the High Black Forest in one of the most beautiful regions of the Black Forest. A well developed system of walking paths extending over 100 km through forests, fields, vineyards, mountains and valleys, offers fantastic routes ranging from a leisurely stroll to a more demanding day route. Different educational trails offer you unusual insides into the flora and fauna of the sun-spoiled valley with over 900 years of tradition.

The connection between High Black Forest and Breisgau makes Glottertal in the south of Baden-Württemberg to a unique destination. The mild and sunny climate does not only spoil the locals and guests, but also indicates an exceptional wine on the surrounding vineyards. Glottertal is changing with the passing of the seasons and presents itself in special flair with apple blossom, lush meadows, palms, golden foliage and glistening snowy landscape.

High mountains, picturesque valleys, scended forest and blooming meadows, shining blue lakes and babbling streams – the Black Forest is a scenic beauty and most varied natural recreational area in the sonny south of Germany. More than the half of 11.100 square meters of the area are nature reserves and invites you to natural experiences. With its Black Forest Cherry Cake and ham and the wines from Baden the Black Forest is a true culinary landscape where people take time to enjoy feasting.